Which website design trends will become popular in 2016?

03 Feb 2016

Which website design trends will become popular in 2016?

Website design trends are constantly changing, with new styles evolving and taking precedence. Here we analyse the website design trends that we expect to see in 2016, with a focus on key elements that you may wish to incorporate into your business’s website.

Simple, minimalist websites

What is a minimalist website? Below we provide advice and tips regarding implementing an array of design elements that we believe define a simple, unique and altogether modern website.

Making use of negative space
This is the space that surrounds an object in an image. The more negative space that surrounds an image, the more likely it is that the eye will be drawn to the picture. Using negative space correctly can serve to highlight your products, allowing the user to view your firm’s services and products with ease, preventing confusion.

Utilise a ‘hero image’
A ‘hero image’ is a large banner that dominates a homepage. When selecting an image, ensure that it is simple and relevant to your firm, as choosing one that is cluttered will detract from your firm’s services and branding. A confusing image may also overwhelm clients.


Convey your message in large typography
Last year we saw designers using typography in a more creative, imaginative way, replacing images with bold text. Using larger typography will help to ensure your website has a clean, simple and aesthetically-pleasing look.


Implementing a refined colour palette
Using a refined colour palette throughout your website is a method adopted by some of the most valuable businesses around the globe. Colour is an important factor to consider when building a website: it can aid in representing both your business and brand. By keeping the number of colours to a minimum, your firm’s branding will appear consistent, and a simple, user-friendly website will emerge as a result.

Goodbye to ‘above the fold’ formatting
Are the days of ‘above the fold’, a phrase coined by the newspaper industry, over? This type of web design is so named as it refers to the portion of a site that is visible to a user without them needing to scroll.

A vast number of businesses have chosen to opt for longer scrollbars within their sites, partly due to the influx of mobile-responsive websites, and also as a result of customer taste. This change means that businesses do not have to place every piece of information about their firm ‘above the fold’.

Implementing a long scrollbar into your site can help to free up crowded pages and encourage clients and prospects to explore your website to discover more about the services that you offer.


Illustrations and animations
In 2015 we saw animations being used with increasing frequency, allowing businesses and brands to reduce the amount of copy being used on their websites. These can also aid in the promotion of a company’s products.


Making use of flat designs
What is a ‘flat design’? This type of design consists of a style of illustration that gives an image a 3D illusion. Flat design has revolutionised the way that we build websites.

In 2016, we may potentially see websites incorporate flat designs. These could make use of bright colour palettes and long shadows, in an effort to attract new clients and prospects.   

Furthermore, tech giants Google have launched ‘Material Design’, a new service intended to push website design boundaries.


Incorporating icons
As we have mentioned previously, it is not necessary for your website to be overly-cluttered with information. Simplicity is key, and using icons to illustrate and promote your services could be another trend that takes prevalence in the world of web design this year.


Why not insert a hidden menu?  
Hidden menus, otherwise known as ‘hamburger menus’ due to their layered appearance, have been used extensively within website applications. This style of menu has become popular in website design, removing the navigation bar and freeing up a large amount of screen space. Hidden menus are favoured in contemporary, fresh designs.

Utilising specialist videos
Adding customised videos to your website is a fun and engaging way to deliver a quick message to your clients and prospects. They also encourage users to visit regularly.

Why choose a minimalist design for your firm’s website?

Your website provides a visual insight into your firm’s values, and it can influence your clients’ impression of your business. As we all know, first impressions are everything, so choosing a clean and contemporary website will certainly help to inspire your clients.

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