GDPR Terms and Conditions

1. GDPR Email Product

1.1 We will only email contacts held within your Contact Manager..

1.2 We will send out a maximum of three email communications to your clients in order to encourage opt-in.

1.3 You are responsible for your data and we cannot be held responsible for any other data held within your databases/systems outside of Contact Manager.

1.4 We will not be held responsible for emails sent to client data, supplied by you, that have not opted-in to receive communications.

1.5 You will have to provide confirmation to us, with regards to clients who are to be emailed once the opt-ins have completed and we have supplied data to you.

2. Security and Data Protection

2.1 Each party shall ensure that it complies with the data protection legislation in force from time to time to the extent that such legislation applies to each party’s activities as contemplated by this Agreement.

2.2 We undertake that we will maintain reasonable security measures to protect the security and integrity of any data stored on our system relating to you.

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