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Griffiths Marshall website example

Griffiths Marshall

This clean and visual appealing design is deliberately strikingly different to most accounting firm websites.

There is a focus on pushing their social media channels, along with highlighting the firms specialist areas.

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Reed and Co website example

Reed & Co

With a focus on SME’s and Property management companies, the Reed & Co website uses illustrations to highlight the firms key services, along with clear contact options.

With a customer focussed approach, the website was designed to show the friendly and personable nature of the firm, along with the knowledgeable staff.

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Citroen Wells website example

Citroen Wells

It was important for Citroen Wells to have a website that was clean and concise in order to attract high value clients.

The website was designed by taking elements of the company branding and logo, and incorporating this detail throughout the site.

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Haworth Associates website example

Haworth Associates

Haworth Associates wanted a fresh design for their website.

We achieved this by using a clean colour palette and images of their modern office architecture. This design also allows the focus to be on their services and benefits the clients receive.

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McEwan Wallace website example

McEwan Wallace

McEwan Wallace were looking to create a website that set them apart from other accounting firms.

This modern and vibrant design allows the firm to promote their services in an engaging way, encouraging visitors to click and explore the site.

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Weir Associates website example

Weir Associates

Weir Associates wanted a website that was minimalistic and contemporary.

The company choose a flat design that uses icons to showcase their services. Restricting the amount of colour used throughout the website gives the site a strong visual impact.

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